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The Liminal

Dec 6, 2017

Antarctica is enormous. Five million square miles of ice and silence. No wonder it's the subject of so much wonder, and so many stories and rumors. In this episode of The Liminal, we explore the mysteries of Antarctica -- from its earliest exploration, to strange maps showing a world unfamiliar to the one we know, to secret military outposts and hidden openings in the ice. I hope you've dressed warmly...


*  *  *

Show Notes

Secretary of State John Kerry speaking at McMurdo Station

Secretary of State John Kerry's press secretary announces his Antarctica trip

Patriarch Kiril and Pope Francis meet

Patriarch Kiril in Antarctica

Buzz Aldrin interviewed about Antarctica rescue

Vladimir Putin Press Conference Announcing Antarctica expedition

World's largest marine sanctuary

Text of Antarctica treaty:

Navy Antarctic documentary, "The Secret Land"

Admiral Byrd's "Secret" Diary

Original text of Hawaiian Gazette article on Antarctic map:

Graham Hancock on the Piri Reis map

Interview with Army officer "Brian S."


*  *  *



1. Oxygen Garden, Chris Zabriskie
2. It's Glowing Red Hot, Chris Zabriskie
3. Oneiri, Kai Engel
4. Out of the Skies Under the Earth, Chris Zabriskie
5. The Oceans Continue to Rise, Chris Zabriskie
6. Delirium, Kai Engel
7. Somnolence, Kai Engel
8. That Hopeful Future is all I've Ever Known, Chris Zabriskie
9. Divider, Chris Zabriskie
10. Amnesthesia, Kid Cholera


*  *  *


The Liminal